Congratulations on your growing family! My services focus on overnight support in the Greater Seattle Area. I find that parents benefit greatly from a little extra rest. I will connect with you about your baby’s needs, your preferences, and the best schedule at night while I am there. Every family is different and I will work to find the best way to support you!

I am passionate about supporting families through feeding difficulties, normalizing mental health struggles, and helping people adjust to their new identity as parents. I am happy to support you in the hardest parts of new parenthood that may take energy away from bonding as a new family. I am also available to offer help with babycare, product recommendations, fact-based information, and local referrals.

As your postpartum doula, I can support your parenting decisions and offer suggestions based on twelve years of doula experience, the previous eight years of nanny work in the Seattle area, extensive research, and continuing education. I also maintain certification with NAPS Doulas which requires a clean Washington State background check, positive client evaluations, updated CPR certification, and liability insurance.

The health and safety of my clients and newborns has always been my top priority. That includes regular hand washing and maintaining vaccines, including flu and TDAP. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have followed CDC and King County recommendations. As of February 2, 2021, I have received both doses of the COVID19 Moderna vaccine. As of Summer 2023, I have received my booster shot and continue to wear an KN-95 around clients.  I am sure these things will change and evolve over time so feel free to ask me about my current precautions.  It is important to me to stay safe and keep your family safe as well so please let me know if you have any concerns or questions about my coronavirus precautions.


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  • Laura was vital to our postpartum experience. She provided invaluable guidance, support, and resources during those raw early days, and was by my side while I struggled with breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, and a severe postpartum mood disorder. She prioritized my needs as a new mother, made sure my husband felt heard and supported, and provided unwavering care to our beautiful son. We slept soundly knowing that he was in her care during the night, and knew we could count on her to work through any challenges with us along the way. Laura is wise, pragmatic, and non-judgemental in her approach, and cares deeply about each of the families she works with. We miss having her around, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for postpartum care.


  • Laura is beyond fantastic. As we prepared for the arrival of our twin boys, we researched doulas based on others’ advice…She helped us through breastfeeding challenges (a LOT of them), figuring out cloth diapering, first baths, schedule logistics, and so much more. Laura helped me recover from very physically challenging deliveries; without her, I know I would have gotten much sicker before I got better. She’s also connected to a network of other professionals, including lactation consultants. This means they can share information to provide seamless support. We feel like Laura truly saves our sanity and our family with her expertise, kind spirit, non-judgmental attitude, and patience. She’s a gem that we’d recommend to any parent.


  • She is fantastic and I don’ t know how I would have gotten through those first months without her. She has a remarkable ability to meet a family, intuit their needs, and then work to meet them… She is incredibly supportive of breastfeeding and, with her help, I’m still going at 7 months and have a large freezer stash that she organized so I can easily figure out when milk was pumped and when it needs to be used. I trust her with my baby completely and I still seek her advice when I face some new baby concern. I am really lucky that another mom told me about her and I hope all new moms get to work with someone as knowledgable, supportive, and helpful as Laura.