Postpartum Doula Services

Whether this is your first child or you are already parents, the addition of a new baby is a significant change for the entire family. Your worldview and lifestyle must shift to accommodate the well being of another tiny human in your life.   As a postpartum doula, it is my role to nurture not only the mother and infant, but the family as a whole.   My goal is to alleviate stress and foster confidence so you can focus on bonding with your newborn and establishing a new routine that works for you.Every family is different and I am interested in meeting you prior to beginning service to learn how to best help you after birth.  Services I can provide include:

Mother Care

Doula care focuses on “mothering the mother.”  Making sure the mom’s needs are met allows her to focus on caring for the newborn and adjusting to her new role. I can help during recovery from cesarean or vaginal births and other postpartum needs.  My visits can provide a chance for a shower, meal, or much-needed rest.

Baby Care

I am interested in helping you build your skills and confidence as parents.  I am happy to answer any questions you have about caring for your newborn and demonstrate methods for soothing, bathing, baby-wearing or other babycare skills.

Emotional Support

Giving birth causes a variety of emotions and hormonal changes.  I can talk with you throughout the roller coaster of postpartum emotions, be available as nonjudgmental listener, and provide personalized suggestions and referrals to local groups and experts.  For mothers who suffer from postpartum depression, identifying the signs is especially important and I can help with referrals and additional care in those situations.

I am also available to support the partner and other family members in the emotional changes that accompany a new baby.


I have a wealth of knowledge on local and online resources for new parents.  I can provide information about local classes or groups, references for expert advice, or suggestions on baby gear.  When I do not know the answer to your question, I will quickly find resources to answer it or refer you to someone with expertise in that field.

Feeding Support

I have experience with families who have breastfed, pumped, and formula-fed.  I will assist you in your feeding decisions and offer evidence-based suggestions and support.   I am able to help with basic breast latch, common breastfeeding problems, reassurance, and helping to create a relaxing environment conducive to successful breastfeeding.

Sleep Assistance

For some parents, the sleep schedule during the first few weeks is the most difficult adjustment.  During day visits, I can care for your child while you get some rest.  During a overnight shift, I will attend to your baby while you sleep, which can be especially important if returning to work.  I know a number of soothing techniques that can aid in better sleep habits for both you and your baby.

Sibling Care

I am particularly interested in helping young children understand their new role as brother or sister.  I can assist in teaching siblings how to care for the new baby and give parents a chance to spend individual time with each child.  If you are interested in sibling care during the birth, please see my child care (link) page.


With the excitement of a newborn, it can be easy to forget when to eat.  I am happy to help with basic meal prep and making snacks.

Light Housework

Whether you need help catching up on laundry or keeping the kitchen clean, I can assist in basic household chores so you can focus on your newborn.


A new baby can make scheduling even basic errands a stressful experience.  I will run to the grocery store or pharmacy for you if needed.

Pet Care

Pets can be part of the family too!  Recovering from birth and the demands of a baby can make it difficult to change litter boxes, feed pets, or take them for a walk.  I can help in these areas if you need.


I am happy to meet for a free consultation/interview prior to beginning work with your family to clarify what you are interested in and answer any questions you may have.  I am also available by e-mail to answer client’s questions before, during, or after my contracted time with them.

My postpartum doula rate is $40/hr.

In order to best provide my services, I require 4 hour minimum visits during the day and 8 hour visits at night.  I hope to work with each family for a minimum of 20 hours  total.  I may be occasionally flexible on these requirements depending on your situation, but I feel this amount of time allows me to truly understand the needs of your family and invest the energy into helping you find solutions that work for you.  Due to the time commitment and advance scheduling involved as a postpartum doula, I require a retainer fee and written agreement before committing to work with your family.  These will be discussed during the initial interview.