About Laura

I have a strong passion for working with young children and even as a child, I gravitated toward the youngest people in a room. While studying philosophy at University of Washington, I nannied for several amazing families with infants. My nanny work in college was my first glimpse at not only the joys of parenthood, but the stresses and sacrifices parents make for their children. It was incredibly gratifying to help those parents balance the needs of their children and other responsibilities. I not only enjoyed caring for those babies, but giving moms an opportunity to care for themselves. I realized that helping parents in child-rearing was the right career path for me.

Those babies grew into toddlers and then preschoolers, and I continued to work with most of them.  Upon graduating college, I happily accepted a full time position with one of those families, caring for a gifted and energetic boy who taught me an incredible amount about children and life. I watched him for a total of five years and found that extensive experience in his life to be incredibly fulfilling.

Though I babysat other children on occasion, I missed the experience of helping new parents find their bearings after birth.  In the Spring of 2011, I completed a DONA-approved postpartum training through Seattle Midwifery at Bastyr University.  My postpartum work in the past year has been incredibly fulfilling and every family I work with teaches new things about parenthood and love for a newborn. I have experience with premature infants and twins. I am certified through NAPS Doulas and volunteer on their board of directors. I am a member of DONA and I am currently in the process of being certified through that organization as well. I look forward to helping more families with their brand new additions.